Order-Flow Trading Course

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 Order-Flow Trading is the easiest way to trade for a living.

If you are the type of trader that gets a thrill out of fast paced market action, then order-flow trading is for you.

What if I told you that you could make your daily bread in just 1 hour a day

In this course I teach you  the secrets to order-flow scalping. 

You'll learn the secrets to identifying Market Momentum, how to identify it before it happens, and how to get out before it backfires.

In the video you'll not only learn through PDF and slideshow examples, you'll sit with me during a real-time trading session and watch over my shoulder as I point out to you real-time examples.


Who is order-flow scalping for?

Order-Flow Scalping is for traders interested in trading for a very limitied amount of time every day. An order-flow scalper may trade anywhere from 15-60 minutes per day at max. The rest of the day may be spent doing market research and sharpening ones tools. The best order-flow traders can take advantage of fast moving markets when they occur and avoid trading during any other time of the day. 


What skills are required?

You should have patience to wait for the patterns and scenarios we talk about in the course to present themselves.

You should be able to enter orders extremely fast once the order-flow signal is given (shown in the course).

Ability to have the self-control to stop trading once you made your money.


What will you learn?

In this course I will show you exactly what patterns and scenarios to look for so you can predict where the market is likely to go next.



Section 1: Intro to order-flow scalping 

Lecture 1: Introduction

 PDF Instructions, Read Time 00:11 


Section 2: Order-Flow Basics Part 1 

Lecture 2: Order-Flow Basics Part 1

Video Length 27:02 - Instructional Video Slides and Screenshare

In this video we quickly review the introductory PDF and then head out to the charts to look for an optimal trade setup. You will see how decisions are made and what activity warrants a scalp of the order-flow.

Lecture 3: Real-Time Order-Flow Analysis

Video Length 20:08

In this video we continue with real-time order-flow examples.

Lecture 4: Real-Time Order-Flow Trading

Video Length 10:51

In this video we continue with the next real-time order-flow trade example.

Lecture 5: Summary for Implementing this real time trading

PDF Read Time 2:59 


Risk Disclaimer:

Please note that trading involves risk of loss. You may or may not make any money trading. This is not a guarantee you will see any success. Due to the nature of trading we cannot offer refunds. No individual investment advice is given.  Please trade in simulation so you can learn the ropes first.